The Lord’s church was planted in Red Bank in 1930 when Paul Buchanan preached in a tent meeting on Dayton Boulevard. Seven precious souls obeyed the gospel during the effort. These worshipped with the brethren at North Chattanooga until 1931 when a building was built at 3704 Dayton Boulevard. About 40 members began meeting regularly at this site.

In 1952, much of the present meeting facility was constructed. Additions were made in 1973, 1986, and 1993. Parking lots were expanded on numerous occasions. 

The history of the Red Bank church is the history of many key people and families. The leadership of the Red Bank congregation has long had a reputation for the strength and boldness for the cause of Christ. The efforts, taken by those gone on before, leaves a rich legacy for us to follow.

Included among those who have served as full or part-time ministers are: Leslie R. Boys, G.G. Werndli, Paul Buchanan, W.H. Sneed, David Bobo, Floyd Horton, Granville Tyler, James Faulkner, Barney Keith, Elvis Huffard, C.C. Abbott, Walter Bumgardner, Raymond Crumbliss, James W. Boyd, Richard Youngblood, Billy Ringold, Larry Oldham, Bob Oliver, Charles Wortman, James Dearman, Charles Landreth, Barry Gilreath, Steve McCaslin, Steve Lusk, David Helton, Tommy Stone, and Ken Forrest. Red Bank’s heritage also includes several young men who have become preachers and several young ladies who have married preachers.

The Red Bank Church of Christ is committed to serving God by preaching the gospel to the lost of this community and throughout the world. We seek to glorify God through attitudes of compassion, care, and concern. A heart of love and devotion to truth is sought in our daily lives. May God bless all of us as we seek to do His will.